Testing The Law of Attraction

It happens inside your head. That is what I am lead to believe. First it happens in your head then it happens in life. Dreams, goals, bad choices; all come from your head, or from the path you decide to take, or what you think about. It could be true, faith, the law of attraction, being a visionary, dreaming it before you achieve it.

Read widely enough and it just might be true. It just might be:

If you commit to a thing, the whole universe will conspire to bring it about. Commitment only works when shit gets bad, when things get tough, when everything goes wrong. Commitment only show through not in the saying I am committed, but in the steadfastness of the committed.

Does the law of attraction work because the universe conspires to make your dream come true, or because you won’t let anything stop you from making your dream come true.

The answer lies in to things. First what is in your control, doing whatever you can to make your dreams come true is going to have an effect. Second there are things, timing, and situations that you have no control over that work out to your advantage, specifically your advantage; when that happens you can say ‘law of attraction’, or ‘thank God’. Now, the test is your commitment, the trials will lead to opportunities. The trick is to have a high expectation that shit will work out. The moment you try to be humble about it, the moment you think of less, the moment you give in to negative self-talk is the moment you lose your commitment. That is the moment you fail the test not the law of attraction.

Now, we are still at the beginning of a new year. This is the perfect time to make a commitment. Don’t be shy and don’t let self-doubt limit what you want to get done. Commit and then go for it. By the end of the year you will know whether it was you or if you had some outside help. Either way you will have made a positive difference in your life.