Time flies and every year it gets faster. Technology gets faster and change, change happens rapidly. Yet, all of this motion and it is possible to stand still, to get left behind, to remain unchanged. Plenty of people do it. Plenty of people get by doing what they had done in the past. Plenty of people look at all the change and the rate of change and throw in the towel.

So, let’s not do that.

Let’s just take it slow. That is right the answer to speed isn’t trying to catch up. In fact the only answer I know is to slow down and focus. One long year. That is the answer.

If you start a new job after about three months you will be able to do it alone, without having to ask questions. At six months you will have it down. In one year you will feel like you know enough to teach someone else. In two years you could run the place. None of this learning has to do with being the best, but it does have to do with experience. Over time you will have made enough mistakes and have learned from them that you know what to do. Either someone would have come along and helped you or you would have figured out what you did wrong and learn how to either avoid the problem before it starts or fix it as it happens.

In one year you will know all the basics after two you will know the cycles. if you do something for a decade you will know the big cycles as well as the trends.

Now here is the catch to not getting left behind. You have to start over every year. You might get to year two, but with the changes in technology and the world, you can easily, learn, adapt, and kick-ass. Every year your are building yourself into an uber-creative , in what ever field you work in. The reason why is no one wants to keep up with change. They want the sure thing of the past and let’s face it most people are too lazy to learn new things and only do so when forced to and by then it is too late. Just by starting and taking your time you are ahead of the game.

So, there you go. By taking it slow and learning something new over the course of a year, you are moving fast. Your skill at living increases, you keep up with change, and by the time everyone else is forced to learn, you are not only able to teach it, you are on to the next thing. This isn’t a ten thousand hours thing, this is just life and learning.