Positive, Negative, and Choice

There are positives and negatives attitudes; one is to be avoided, the other embraced. A positive attitude will get you through more shitty days than a negative one. It really is that simple. But pretending to have a positive attitude isn’t the same as actually having one, in fact it just drains you by the end of the day. The negative, the negative anything is a black hole unless it is calories at the end of the day, because that is the goal on a diet. Watch a negative movie, TV show, social media clip and it will mess up your attitude. It will pull yo into a negative state. The black hole of negative is to be avoided, because it doesn’t end.

So, how do we not fake a positive attitude? I am about to give you the cheesiest, truest advice ever. Do not dismiss this advice. To have a positive attitude you must have PURPOSE! Not just any purpose, a selfish-selfless purpose, a purpose that serves others, but at the same time serves you. Your purpose when viewed rightly can get you through some shit. It turns adversity into adventure, misstep into sidestep, knock-down into rise-up.

Why because everything serves your purpose. Purpose real purpose turns everything into a positive, because it uses hope to find a new way. If you have a real purpose you can see everything in a positive light because nothing will stop you from achieving your purpose.

Here is why, when we have a purpose, we have a story going through our heads. It is not the bad scenario we are living out, its not the misfortune we find ourselves in. No, it is the accomplishment at the end of the struggle. The struggle and the failures are only part of the story. Life in that moment, in the struggle is wrapped up in our purpose. It is faith that what you do will have a positive result in what you want to accomplish. You don’t go to a dead end job, you are financing your dreams at a temporary job; you don’t deal with rude people you are learning to embrace humanity so your work will resonate better. It is all in how you look at it.

Is there going to be shitty days, yes, is your attitude determined by your day or by you? Are you going to find a purpose to make the shitty days worth it? That is also up to you.