Creating is Best Done

Freedom comes with letting go of perfection.

Have you ever wanted to try something, then in your head, before you started it became bigger. It became more than just a simple project, it became a million dollar empire, and because you wanted the perfect start you never actually started. That is where I live. The imagination is a hell of a thing when it is an optimist, it will trick you into paralysis. What I am working on, is being done.

Good enough, really is good enough. There are things it is worth taking your time and doing it right, and then there is everything else.

I am continually learning how to write better. I am still struggling to lock in my voice, my passion, and purpose. As an artist, a writer, as a creative I will not get there unless I just finish. I have read enough, listened enough, and info gathered enough to know the solution to my problem is; just get your work done and send it out into the world: ugly, imperfect, but done! When it is done you will look back and know your unifying theme, you will have come through the work (side note; you are the common thread to your work). I know we all want to put our best foot forward, But it won’t happen if that foot is imaginary.

So, go out there and make some noise.

So, the more you have done the easier it will be for you to find your voice, your passion, your purpose. We live in a fantastic time, a time when this is possible for more and more people, we live in a time of unimaginable abundance, and when we create we make it even more abundant.

I will throw in a word of caution. If you create, just for you; you will have an abundance for an audience of one. If you create for others, that noise you are making will become a signal and in our noisy world, your people will find you and your abundance will grow beyond you.