Selling Solutions

Have you ever read a book in hope that it would answer your problem, or maybe two books; how about a course, how about go to a conference to learn from the industries best? Did they radically change your life? It’s okay if it didn’t. There is a whole industry based on helping you get better and there is no real requirement for you to get better. The self-help industry isn’t responsible for your life. They just sell what they think are solutions. The first in most of these books is responsibility. The first solution to your problem is you.

If you are like me you might have a slight complex thinking the next book will actually have the solution to your problem. You, like me might think your problems are intellectual. You just can’t see the solution, so we buy the next selling solution, which becomes the next bestseller, because of people like me. I am a sucker for new insights. To my annoyance most of the insights have been said by a dozen or more authors over the years. Now that wouldn’t be the worst thing because sometimes hearing an old truth from a new voice is refreshing. But here is the thing, they are selling me a solution.

The truth is they cannot sell me the solution.

I will say it again, no one can sell you the solution to your problems, the reason why is you are the solution. The reason they start with responsibility is the simple fact that if anything in your life is going to change you are going to have to do it. After that what ever insight they give you are the one who has to actively apply it, you are the one who actually has to do something.

I am not trying to tell you not to buy self-help books, in fact do it. It is one of the best activities you can do, because there is shit we don’t know and that one insight if applied might change your whole life for the better. When you buy it though just go in with the commitment to actually do something. Because you are the solution. Be proud of it, even when you feel hopeless take that F*cking insight and get hopeful and active.