One Thing

All I want some days is a unified life. A life built around something (work). That is right, a life built around work. A life built around a driving purpose and all consuming passion.

Actors, comedians, pro athletes, artists, writers, janitors, singers, lawyers, doctors, and the list goes on and on, all of these careers- these people, have something in common. They are limited in what they do, they are defined by their work. They do not do it all. They do not have a double career as a police officer, nurse or chef; they are focused on their primary activity. The list contains what looks like jobs, but I am not thinking about jobs here, I am thinking, how people spend their time and energy. I am thinking about what builds a life. Not just any kind of life, a life that is focused on what a person is good at.

Here is the thing, we don’t do that. WE as humanity do not focus on doing what we are good at. In fact most of us go to school to learn something completely new in hopes we will make money if we are good enough at… whatever it is we think we want to be, after the schooling. We don’t actively try to do things we are good at. We deny who we are or what we are good at in hopes of making a life at something we might be okay at.

On top of that we know instinctively what we do is a part of who we are; whether we like it or not. I am not saying what we do always defines us. Who we are is more than just actions we take, but the actions we take do reflect the nature of our character. That is why there are a lot of people who hate their jobs. They live an inaccurate reflection of who they are.

What does all that have to do with you?

There are things you do that others don’t, there are things I do that others don’t. Those things reveal you and me. For instance, a vast majority of people do not have a blog, they have no intrinsic desire to write, to express what they think, or the patience to sit down and actually write something. Now, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of people writing, I would guess there are tens of millions of people who like to write in a world with seven billion people. Okay, back to how this applies to you. When someone becomes a doctor, they know that there is a demand in the medical field for doctors. The same goes for janitors, and actors. They look for jobs in a field they know, they look for jobs that suit them and their skills. Now to you, do you live a life based around who or what you are good at? Are you doing what is true to you?

Side note; we all do shit we don’t want to do. We take jobs we hate, do work that sucks, spin our wheels in a dead end job, not because that is who we are, but because we honor our commitments; we do them to make life work. We work to survive. In that doing we are people of grit, but we still need to escape the grind. Pursue work that is true to ourselves and our abilities. With that being said not everyone cares to escape the grind. They actually just plan on outlasting it until retirement. They have no interest in being ambitious, and are not reading this blog. End of side note.

The only solution I know of to the problem of being who you are is to do. Do the things that will make you more of who you are. Do the thing that will blossom into success for you. If you are a teacher, remember it is not about the money, it is about being a teacher. Part of the success is the action, it is the spent energy and time. The other part is the money and the value you provide in exchange for it. If you had the opportunity to build your life around one thing what would it be? And is that answer really based on what you are good at or just what you think would be cool?