Death of Summer and The Rise of Creativity

Something happens when the leaves change. The air gets cold and the day light shortens. the desire to go out, the drive to do something ends. We want to bundle up with a good book, we want to watch some shows, we want to hibernate until spring. 

As the years harvest comes in so does pumpkins and the beginning of the most creative time of the year. For visual artist Inktober is well on its way, for writers nanowrimo is coming in November, and for all the crafters the season of decorations is up and running. Either people are decorating their homes with spooky Halloween things or they are all in for a harvest look. Jack o’ lanterns will be on full display and people imaging themselves to be what every they want, adults turn into kids and kids, enjoy a night of play. soon after that the Christmas decor will be exhibited.

In the summer season we want to be out experiencing life, nature, hiking, camping, swimming, tanning, or just a good walk; but that comes to an end. In the fall we are ready to let our bodies take a break and let our imagination take us to new places real or imagined. In the winter that is all we will have, and we will long for spring and full days in the sun.

So, in this new season enjoy being creative. Besides that for an introvert homebody like me, there is no better excuse, than the weather, to stay home just to write, paint, or enjoy something someone else made.

Until next time,

Nino Olson