Emotion is King

So, it has been one hell of a week. Everyday feels like it should have been Friday. Life has this way of expanding when you are somewhere you don’t want to be. It is like your mind is wired to take in the situation and so everything slows down. It is like a whole day of almost getting hit by a car. It comes at you fast but in that moment you make eye contact with the driver, you brace yourself, and you think oh, shit. That was Monday. Tuesday teased with the thought that it should be Friday because Monday was so damn long. Then Wednesday came and it honestly felt like Friday, good mood, up beat ready to take on the world. Woke up today and realized it is not Friday. The disappointment was only saved by the doughnuts I bought to eat with my coffee, which I will regret on Saturday when I weight myself. But for now yum!

Do you know what you get from the above story? Connection. The emotion from the week, is meant to connect us through emotion. It is the bridge of my experience to your understanding. Emotion is the foundation of all human interaction. Emotion is what makes us the most irrational rational beings. We live by our emotions. Even those people who claim to be logical live by emotions. The mind will find ways to make our decision practical and we will take them. But here is the thing, emotions are what get us to rise against injustice, they are what moves us to change a bad situation, they are the catalyst for greater things. 

It is for this reason art all art is at its best when it connects emotionally. When an artist or storyteller connects with us we understand life differently. We feel from a different perspective, we don’t have to understand them completely but we get the gist. When that happens we connect with not only the art or story in front of us but we also get to know ourselves a little better. 

I am going to end here. I want to leave you with a simple take away; if you want to take action the best thing to do is to get emotionally fueled to do it. Make all the reasons to do something not only logical but think about how you will feel, and think about how you will feel if you don’t.

Nino Olson.