Trapped or Traveling

The worst part about being trapped is you only see walls. What is worse than that is being trapped inside your mind.When you are trapped in your mind, two different traps spring up on you; the first, you see nothing, no solutions, only what is and that is terrifying, the second is only the downside, you see only what can go wrong. Being trapped sucks.

When a person is trapped, they are worse than a rat in a cage, a rat doesn’t consider its purpose in life, a rat doesn’t think about what its friends and family think of it, a rat only cares about surviving. 

When the world is closing in on a person, when the options are running out, when time destroys hope, when laughing is a distant memory and pain is on the horizon, a person can either take responsibility or make things worse. A person can turn to drugs, alcohol, some kind of crazy hording, something to either numb the pain or give them a small sense of control, a small sense of stability. They know they are trapped and the only hope they have is to escape their mind, because they don’t think they can escape the situation.

Let’s turn the table a little. Let’s not be rats. Lets take up the hero’s journey. Let us be responsible for our lives and face the conflict head on. Let’s defeat the dragon, conquer the mountain, and return home a hero. The ugly side of life came at us and we overcame. We had to make sacrifices along the way and by God’s grace some things worked out by luck or miracle. Once we committed and our resolve was in full effect the whole world gave way to our desire, we emerged from rags to riches. Did our story end? No, in fact another journey was to begin. The cycle will begin again with a new longing, a new hole to fill, a new mountain to climb, another enemy at the gates and all of it is just inside our mind.

The hardest part of being human is we yearn for more than what life has to offer. The conquest will not end with worldly goods. The hero’s journey must eventually give way to the spiritual journey. All hero’s journeys are the Spirit moving a person beyond themselves to the next plan of reality. Until their hearts yearn for some thing this life cannot fulfill. That is when a spiritual journey begins.  But lets go back to the trap. Let’s go back to the darkness. Let’s go to the moment of despair. Let’s suppose in the darkness a small light begin’s to shine. It isn’t a way out of the situation. Let’s say it is a message. Let us say by the same grace that saw the hero through the journey a miracle occurred. And the same Spirit that inspired the journey gave new life to the trapped person. Hope, love, and faith transformed the mind and freedom, not freedom from the situation, but freedom from the trap was achieved. Through faith, the mounting obstacles were overcome one at a time, believing that God would see the person through. In their darkest hour the trapped person has taken the spiritual journey and in so doing they have embarked on the hero’s journey.   

Until next time.

Nino Olson