Definitions matter. 

I am definitely a blogger. I write for this blog. But I want to be more precise and what I found is I want to write essays. I want to take my time, be thoughtful and clear. Not my normal rambling self, until I get to a point. So, I realized that essays are what I want to write on this blog.  What kind? I don’t know. Some on art, some on story telling, some on life, work, and creativity.

What brought this on is a rescheduling of my life based on competing priorities that I have. I looked at my time, interests, responsibilities, and what I want to make out of my life. What I want for this blog is well written essays. With that I removed the three chapters of the Camilla story and will work on those in private (to be honest I will probably leave it to die as a draft. In my head she meets a gambler, learns to make a living as a gambling pro, then her and the gambler get mixed up with the mob, and that is as far as my imagination has taken it.) The reason it will be set aside is I have a comic book/strip I want to devote story telling energy to. I also want to start writing children’s books again (I am just a kid at heart). I also have the regular life stuff; wife, kids, full time job.

With all of that in mind I need to better organize my time, energy and efforts. So, the posting schedule will change from Monday through Friday, to Monday and Thursday. That should give me enough time to write, research, and write, and think, and edit, and then have my wife make sure the grammar is correct. 

Well, Until Thursday

Nino Olson