Let’s Eat

There are some natural settings that make getting to know a person easy. If you work side by side with them over time you will get to know them. If you are stuck in a car with someone, over time you will get to know them. If you ask them to dinner, it is to get to know them. 

Eating is something everybody does and everybody enjoys. It is a communal activity. We like to do it together. For those two reasons alone we ask each other on dates, we have lunch meetings, and we hang out and get something to eat. We do it generally three times a day. We put enormous effort into it and take delight in it. Eating is a huge part of our society, not just to survive, but to enjoy life. 

Two thoughts and I am done.

Eating in our society represents life. You can thrive and enjoy it, you can put flare into the smallest moments. You can make a fest. You can have variety. Or you can eat the bare minimum. You can eat the same thing day after day. You can keep a basic set of abilities and lack variety. You can survive off of a box of noodles, but you would be happier if you learned to make what ever you want.

When we eat together we are offering friendship. When we eat as a family, not surrounding the TV, we are building our family bonds. When we go on a date we are building a relationship. The act of eating is natural, the act of growing relationships during those moments is one of the best parts of being human. 

Nino Olson