Trial and Error

The best part about playing video games is that losing is part of the game. There is an expectation for you to lose and that is okay. The game is about getting better; it is about starting off at a low level of skill and then building that skill until you are either good enough or highly skilled to pass the level or beat the boss. 

In bodybuilding they have to train until failure, they have to exhaust their muscles in order for them to grow. They have to push their limit to get to the next progressive stage and that is only after they fail enough times. 

Runners are the same, they must push themselves before the race. They have to run a lot of miles and push when it comes to those miles. They have to build their endurance and learn to pace themselves. Then at the race they test themselves against their previous times and their fellow racers. When it is over they learn how good they did and if they need to train harder. They don’t quit because of one bad race. 

There are things that we want in life. They aren’t going to be easy to get. In fact they are the journey kind of things, family, friendships, money, work; they don’t have a real end date (work might but if you consider yourself an artist then it is a life long pursuit even if you make no money, you will be working the rest of your life). These journey type of pursuits are like the video game scenario, expect the consequences cost in time  and some things we don’t get a do over. That is what makes trial and error so scary for us. Because some of those consequences are permanent we avoid them. 

But here is the thing we just need to fail better and to do that we need to try. we need to realize that the trial part of our lives is the try and if there is error fix the error and try again. The trial is testing what will work. We need to test until there is no error. We fail forward by doing and not quitting if it doesn’t work, we fail like the bodybuilder, like the runner, like the gamer, we push ourselves until we become better, until we are on to new errors, new mistakes. We promote ourselves to new and better problems. If we don’t… 

If we don’t try, well, we will be stuck in the same spot wondering why others are getting the results we wanted. 

Nino Olson