The Coffee

I have been drinking coffee since I was a teenager. There has just always been a fresh cup for me in the morning. sometimes in the evening and occasionally at night. Coffee has been a part of my life and at times the most important part, like the time I ran out of coffee filters and tried using napkins, silly and it didn’t work.  Over the years as I focused on getting in the right shape. My diet has changed and over time I have cut out sugar, like we don’t buy sugar from the store, but I still eat it in products. So, I was drinking coffee with just the creamer for a years. This year I cut out the creamer. Black coffee. I drink coffee for the pleasure, not the caffeine. Now my coffee taste like… coffee, just not the coffee I was used to drinking, and not with the same pleasure I had with the cream. The funny thing is I thought I would give it up soon after I went to straight black coffee. But here I am savoring the drink as if nothing had changed.

The point of the story:

Change doesn’t have to be painful.

Sometimes change is the same, but different.

Pick one.

Nino Olson