Think Different

We fall into this pattern of thinking we know what life is about. We have learned answers and we rely on them to navigate us through life. We have no guarantee that what we know or what we think we know is the best answer for our situation.  What we have are small examples of how life works. We have no idea what is truly possible.

We think in story. We use facts or opinions to tell ourselves a story. That story is the way we think about life. That story is what makes a criminal believe that breaking the law or using unjust means of gain is the best way to live. This self told story is what justifies unfair treatment of others. This self told story is what keeps some of the best of us from stepping up and living their full potential. It inhibits a person with fear of the future and their faith that they can make it through.  

Thinking differently requires you to actually think. We cannot just become cogs in the machine of our daily life. Stop and just think. Think about life differently, look for the bullshit. What assumptions have you made, what belief have you picked up that seems true and isn’t? Here is the thing, thinking is telling yourself a different story.  It is taking the known and unknown and working on them. This is the reason people create a five year plan. It is their best attempt to navigate the future. 

Here is the challenge; we live in an ever changing world and it is up to you to step up and make a life for yourself. Thinking differently might just be what you need to make it the life you want to live.  Out of our thinking flows our lives and actions and reactions. 

Until tomorrow

Nino Olson