Creativity and Writing

What comes to you in a moment was put in you previously. 

Our minds are full of ideas bumping into each other. Thoughts that find a mate and create something new for you to think about. Our ideas, stories, experiences search for an outlet, or wither on the vines of our mind. Ideas, creativity, figuring things out is the most innate human ability, but we forget we all posses it. We see others who use it more than use and we think ‘oh, I am not creative.’ But we are. It is like running. most of us can run, even if it takes us longer, and we hate it, we hate it so much, that we bury our running shoes after trying it for a day. Creativity is basic problem solving on a theoretical plain and when it is put in to practice or tested we have a solution.

Now, fiction is problem solving on the theoretical plain. We say what if… then we try to solve it. But we don’t solve the problem in an unreal way. No, no matter how fictional our story is, we create devices to make sure it is real enough for the world the problem is taking place in. This is why all mythological gods are the same as us, this is why they are not omnipotent, but they suffer the consequences of their actions, why they kill each other, why they are birthed with abilities.  They make it possible to tell a story you and I could put into our understanding and then apply to our lives. These stories warn us about people with power. They tell us it is better to be clever.

One of my favorite books Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell has this effect on me. The contrast of the characters and their way of studying magic, and in the end I learned doing the thing is more important and brings greater understanding than studying it. The thing being what you are obsessed with.

I will end with this. When we sit down to write we are always trying to solve a problem. That problem may be one we have created, but we have to find an answer, that is why the reader is going to stick around.