Growing Up

Yesterday I grew up. Not all at once, just enough to realize that I am not the same person I was on Saturday. My life like a butterfly moved about my face dancing its way through the air. It would fall and then rise. It would hope for better days and then descend not able to hold the position of happiness and contentment. This butterfly of a life had been on a stead decline for years. Finally in a slow motion fall the butterfly lost its strength to keep pumping. The dream engine was out of gas. Just as the darkness began to overcome. The light, the joy of dying to oneself pierced the darkness. A silver lining of hope. The Butterfly had died. Leaving behind only a memory of struggle and delight. I went to bed last night knowing my previous life pursuits were at an end. I moved them from serious goals to hobbies. I set them free from the burden of my ego. They can now have a life free from me. It is time for me to do something new. It is time to set goals, it is time to grab life’s hand and go on some kind of adventure. Until tomorrow. Your friend Nino Olson