Chapter one: Camilla

The door was slightly open. Camilla walked through. the smell pushed her head back. she put her hand to her mouth and nose. This was not what she wanted to see. She tried to take another step in but her gag reflex kicked in. 

“Oh, my God.” she said getting to fresh air. ” I cant, I can’t.” She says to her self. She is just outside the apartment’s door .

How did I get into this. She thought to her self. She rubbed her nose on her sleeve and looked at the cleaning cart. The mop was a dirty grey, the cart itself looked like it had never been clean. The pay was horrible. the people were okay. But Camilla had reached her limit. She knew what was in there. She knew because they warned her. 

The odor like a ghost pushed past her unseen but felt. No, she thought to herself. I am not going to do this. She peeled the disposable gloves from her hands and put them into the trash. She left the cart there. 

The fear or anxiety of not having income hasn’t hit her yet. She walks to her car. She knows if she goes to the office Kurt will try and talk her into staying. He did the last time she tried to quit.  Her eyes were watering. 

“Hey, Camilla, where are you going?” one of the cleaning ladies shouted to her. Camilla, looked at her and waived, “Tell Kurt, I quit.” With that she got in her car and drove away.

“oh my God what did I just do.” she said in a whisper.