Work In Progess

Have you ever sat and talked with someone about their dreams? I have. I have talked with a lot of people about their dreams, about what they want out of work, not life, but work. The reason is we spend most of our lives working. Our life’s energy is spent in toil. So, what most people dream of is fulfilling work. Work that pays the bills, work that they want to do. 

As I talk with them and the number one obstacle is their perception of reality. They choose to see what is in the way or why a plan B is better than their dream plan. They see the pain and believe it out weighs the reward. They count the cost in their minds and imagine the worst, and in so doing, quit before they begin. 

I am no different. Except as a person who is creative I am at the worst case scenario. Okay not the worst, but not the dream. My life is full of uncreative work and routine. I am surrounded by people who have no creative ambitions. This work isn’t even the just until my big break kind, it is what I have been doing for years. It had inadvertently became my livelihood. It doesn’t push me to the next level.  So, what do you do when you know what you want? You and your life become a work in progress.

The only option you have to coming close to the dream is to work for it. There is no wish or dream that will come true unless you put in the work.  

Work is the only answer. Sometimes you have to work on yourself. you have to become the person who is capable of the work you want to do. But most of the time you just have to work on the work you want to do for free. you have to build a portfolio of accomplishments.

The plan has to become WORK, and your life becomes work in progress. 

That is the only solution I can see.