Play Pretend

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.

Albert Einstein


Don’t Just sit there.

The life we want to live is not going to happen just because we want it to.

No, as much as an introvert like me has tried. Life, the world, and even friends, don’t wait for you, they don’t spend their days, thinking about you, no, they keep living. It is up to you to get out and join them. They love you, or just like you, either way you are the jerk for refusing to join them. For expecting the world to wait for you to bloom when you just want to sleep your life a way in a day dream of television and video games.

A simple solution.

So, let’s pretend.

Let’s assume you don’t have to continue living the way you have been. Let us assume you took responsibility for the fun you have in life, work, or when you are with others. Let us assume you are responsible and capable of making your life, F’ing awesome.

Let us pretend, that going, doing, wasn’t an inconvenience but it was actually why you were born.  You were made to explore, to be challenged, to be around others. You are like all the heroes that have gone before you, ordinary so much in fact when you do something extraordinary you become legendary.

The only requirement is you have to do something.


Don’t worry about conquering the world.

Don’t worry at all.

Worry is the opposite of faith.

Worry is imagining the worst outcome.

Faith, faith on the other hand is believing the best outcome.

Living an extraordinary life, doesn’t mean you have to be. No, it just means you have to live. The bar is pretty low to extraordinary.

So, go out and do new things. Meet people, hang out with your friends. Don’t wait for the world to invite you to come out and play. The world is busy playing and is wondering why you would rather stay inside.