Hard Work

What is the value of hard work?

What does it mean to be a hard worker?

Personally I see a trap in the words.

I don’t think of it as a good reflection of a person if that is their attribute. Hard work to me means that is all they know how to do. It means they pushed themselves and put their well being in jeopardy. Most of the time the money they made from the work is just as finite as the time they used and the energy they will no longer be able to replicate because they have worn out their body by doing a repetitive action that grinds away instead of builds up. I don’t think of hard work as something to be proud of, it is something to escape.

By nature I am an artist, a creative person, a kind of slacker who plays hard and works because he has to. With that being said I have worked in the labor force for 17+ years starting our in construction and then filling my days with warehouse work. I understand the value of hard work because those pay checks are not easy to come by. They require more than time. They require my effort over time at the expense of my bodies ability to function, because no matter how safe a person is we just aren’t built to be machines doing the same tasks over and over again.

I have seen many hard workers. I don’t envy them, I don’t want to be them, I don’t think they are making the right exchange.

Now here is the thing.

Labor isn’t the only area we could be a hard worker. There are others that when the work is done it creates value for the laborer. We can reap a harvest after the work is done.

Hard work has a new definition for me. It is the short cut to success.

Hard work is doing work that others find intimidating, that others hear the rumors about and shy away, hard work is building yourself up when no one is watching. Hard work is digging into the foundation of who your are, what you want and building a mansion that you can be proud of.

Hard work is learning, doing, and growing from failure and success.

In short working smarter is working harder.

Nobody wants to push themselves to grow. Nobody feels the pull of something more to make drastic changes that will make them better. Nobody wants to change, except for us and that is where the hard work will pay off.

Take some online courses, download an app, watch YouTube videos, explore and then dive in. Take action on learning to do something you would enjoy. I have worked with thousands of people and the one thing I know for sure is learning a skill is better than working hard with out growth.