Slow Long Walk

Have you ever went on a long walk?

You leave home just to come back.

The journey the motion over time and space. Breathing in the air and letting it out. Thoughts coming and going. Life moving by. The landscape changes and with out mechanical aid you have moved across the earth.

In the end you had a a long conversation with yourself about many things. Most of the time you haven’t even dug deep enough in the conversation to get great answers. But the truth is you have them. You have plenty of right and wrong answers. On long walks we all eventually get to talking to ourselves about our problems. Unless, for some blessed reason, we have our problems figured out. Then we get to just be. We get to enjoy the motion and have a fun conversation with ourselves.

No matter what we all head back home.

The short journey is a hope. It is a hope of change. It is a hope of new solutions. It is our hero’s quest to slay the dragon of our problems and come back with a solution that will save our lives.

Yesterday I wrote about life being an obstacle race. It is.

Today, today is about how you prepare for it.

Take the long walks. Take the time to think about your life. Take the time, it is in these moments of pausing. That our minds work out solutions and then present them to us.

There is always time to change directions, and run a better race, your own race.