Life is an Obstacle Race

Fresh Start

It is not really a do over.

We try to have a fresh start at things in life.

We try to have our do overs.

But they don’t exist.

We have to deal with what we have done, or what we have failed to do.

We want to remove our experience and move on with our lives.

But it doesn’t work that way. The mistake, the fumble, the goof up, they all benefit us if we allow it to. they can make us stronger. There is no going back to fix the past, but there is making amends and doing better in the future. Will we fail? Sure, we will is the easiest answer, but we don’t have to. We don’t have to try again thinking we will fail. We should be better prepared to enter the race. It isn’t the same race we ran previously and we are not the same racer. This is where all the saying about failure making you a success comes in. This is where you know that any mistakes you make will be new.


But we are not done. We have started our race. We know ourselves a little better. Now we must push ourselves to be better. Like lifting weights in the gym our ability to handle hard things comes only from handling hard things. That is why military boot camps are intense, hard and push a person to their limits, and force them to change.

We have failed and we are back at our “fresh start” with muddy shoes and scared up knees, elbows, and shins. We don’t stop running the race of life. We take a minute drink some water, get prepared and enter a new race. In the new race we have expectations from the previous races. We have experience.

We must manage those expectations. Because they don’t predict the future. They don’t change the past. They only create awareness in the present of what could be. They don’t properly inform us on how we have grown. We must let most of our expectations go. We can only learn so much from the past.


Life is a series of obstacle races.

Prepare yourself for it and you will have fun.

Don’t prepare and you will only suffer.

Everyday is a new opportunity to become a better racer. Everyday is a chance for you to look at a new starting line and do better than before. Everyday you can surprise yourself and grow.

Don’t wait to be better before starting.

Life has many races for you to run.

Pick one and GO