There are only 55 days left of this calendar year. Imagine what it is full of. Imagine the good things that could happen. Imagine the memories being made. Imagine going hard after the goals you put off, so they are out of the way for a new year. Imagine taking the time to set real goals for next year. Goals that create new habits. Habits that make you healthy and active. Habits that get you out of the house and into the world. Habits that get your book written.

There it is.

The habit of writing a novel. That is the habit I really need to cultivate. It is not a rush, but it does need to be done daily.  I bought another calender tonight. I have one that tracks, three main things daily and two weekly. I measure my waist every morning, I track how many days in a row I have written (91 as of today), and how many days I have worked out in a row (250 as of today).  The requirements are really low, I had art on there, but that seems harder for me to get to consistently. The weekly are body weight and body fat. I just wrote down church, (2).  With the new calendar I want to write down two or three things. Short term goals (about 3 weeks) and long term goals (1 year) then big, big, big goals, life long goals (impossible to say). Writing a novel falls in between the short and long term, but I would rather put out a good book that took me a year, than a bad one that took a few months. The reason is readers don’t share bad books. lol. But I am still working on the novel and will make time to get it done. I think I will just have to create in between time, to do it.

I hope you have a great week.

From the unfinished basement,