It Doesn’t Matter Where You Begin


We all start and restart somewhere.

We have a dream and then another and then another. We try things. We want to have a better life. We take action.

Addiction… Drug or alcohol addiction stops this. It stops the progress we desperately need to make. It relies on fear and self doubt. It is liquid courage that keeps us in the status quo. Every time I am afraid of the future, I think of my Mom. I think of the fear that she must have gone through. I think about how the walls must have felt like they were caving in on her. I think about the crazy train that was her life and what helped her make it though the hard times kept her in them.

She was a great person who was very broken and I miss her.

We all have to start somewhere. She was where I started. She was my main influence. She was my good and bad example. She was brave and child like.  She was scrappy and smart. I can see her in my kids. I see her more in my ambitions. I want to be a writer. I want to tell stories. Because of her I want to tell scary stories. It is a part of me. I have seen it in the two kids’ books I wrote. I see it when I want to write anything. So, here it goes. I will focus my fiction work on write in the horror genre. It will be my novelist restart. It will become my brand and hopefully my career.  I have other projects and day job duties going on too they will keep my life going; so I can write.

I will figure out the details and find the blueprints that work so I can do this (business like that is). But I want to tell you so that you will know it’s okay to restart. It is okay to have a rough start. It is okay to start over. It is okay to give it a try and fail. As long as you are alive, please keep trying. Keep getting up and write, paint, dance, make music, do what you love, and spread happiness. After all, we are gifted to serve not to be served.

I think what I will do is write to you every Sunday and let you know how it is going. So, until next week, I love you, be yourself, and enjoy your life.

From the unfinished basement,