What I Have Been Working On


So, a lot of my daily effort has been working on two goals. One is physical, my waist size and fitness level. The second is my creative output, writing daily and drawing or painting daily.  The writing is published every day, but the art isn’t, that is because I have no obligation to show bad art. So, I have been writing Lead Utah and trying to get myself out and about.  Hard task for a homebody. There is more that I want to do. More work that is. I am going to start writing a story tomorrow, I hope it will be good enough to be a novel, but I want to let it go where it needs.  So to get this done, I will be up at 4am. That gives me about 45 minutes to write about 700 words.  That is about two pages a day. If the story goes on for 90 days I will have a novel.  On top of that I would love to see my art style and work move into a specific direction. This is one that I have battled for years, mostly my whole life. The love of comic books, cartoons, and fine art. But to get somewhere, I need to pick the path that will take me in the most fulfilling direction.  I am leaning towards the comic book path, it is a long term love of mine.

There is more to my life than these two subjects, like family and work.  I coach a soccer team, and man, do you want to talk about the joys and the dreads.  Then there is the dreaded subject of unfulfilling work. That is my daily battle, I actually like working, having something to do, being part of a team, doing cool work. That is my working goal.  I know it exists and I want to be part of it. The hunt is on! Anyway, that is a brief update. Later my friends.