Butterflies Can Ruin Your Life

What are the butterfly wings that cause a storm in the midst of your day?

What are the little things that ignored for too long destroy a moment or a day?

What are the little butterflies of ease floating through the air that soon become chaos beyond repair?

Our smallest decisions can have the biggest impact on our lives. Let us swat down theses butterflies that seem to do no harm.  It is the omissions, the do it later attitudes that we have about little things that really stand in our way.  It is not the great wall of impossibilities that keep us from our dreams, but the endurance of doing an undesirable task daily to achieve a goal that does. That is why high school is so hard for some students. It is filled with unpleasant tasks to be done daily. It is the reason some of us gain unwanted wait, we love food and eat more than we should. Instead of balancing that with working really hard in the gym or going for a run we gain weight. Body fat doesn’t come on overnight, but little by little our waistline expands and the power of habit has trapped us.  It is not over it just requires a fresh start at making the decision to do the thing required. Clean the house, write a couple hundred words, run or do pushups. Then forget that you want instant results and keep at it because you would rather have long term results.  The butterfly effect won’t wreak havoc on your life… I hope.