Compete With You


There is a competition that I am engaged in.  The only way to lose is to quit.  The desire to compete is all it takes. The desire to continue when things get hard, the way gets blocked, or the path gets boring.  It’s a path of self-improvement. It is the path of creating challenges for yourself.  It isn’t always fun.  It isn’t always what you want to do. There are many easier, more enjoyable things to do. There are shows to watch and naps to take.  But the truth is they won’t fulfill the desire to feel alive. Getting up, getting out, pushing your body, that is the competition I am engaged in.  Our bodies, our lives are not set like a tree.  We were made to move, to run, to lift, and climb. We become joyfully amphibious in a body of water.  To improve ones self is not only a practice of the mind, but also of the body.  Dancers move to music and in truth, we are all dancers.  Okay.  I am getting away from my rambling point.  Here it goes anyway. When an animal plays it is actually learning how to behave and live.   The difference between us and them is we educate out our instinctive nature to live. We don’t run, climb, or explore as adults.  We create our own zoo, living in one habitat and traveling to another for the majority of our lives.  We self-limit and then instead of wrestling, running, climbing and playing with each other we watch others do it and call it sports. We have avatars explore make believe worlds in video games, and never take the time to explore our own world. So, the competition I am engaged in is with myself, it is with yesterday and tomorrow. The one behind me shouldn’t be better than I am, and if he is then I need to get better.  The future, me should never be worse that I am.  I don’t look towards turning fifty and think I will be miserable and broken old and feeble.  I look towards fifty and hope to have a fit body that has been places and done things, that my muscle memory will improve and my ability to know my body will be great.  I hope to be more flexible and faster. I don’t buy into the inevitable destruction of age.  I know it is coming, but I don’t have to buy into the fact that I have to be miserable and neither do you.  Today is a great day to start a competition with yourself.  Today is a great day to work on living in the body you will spend your whole life with.

The competition doesn’t end and begin with health, there is also work, relationships, and adventure.