The Epicenter of Simplicity 


It starts with something small. It starts with an idea.  It starts with your hands. All the little coffee houses are built on this kind of dream.  They are built on a drink made from a bean, the work that went into them. The same goes with a painting.  A little paint spreads across a canvas or  a little pigment and water soak a paper and art is made. Don’t give up on the epicenter of simplicity.  Build on it. People go to Starbucks for coffee, not doughnuts, they go to a museum to see art, and they go to you _________?

That is right.

They go to you for something. They know you are the best at it or that you can get the job done. Don’t be afraid to play to your strengths, if you are good at something be good. The world is full of people who are great at things you suck at. Don’t compete with them.  Do the thing you’re good at.  Keep it simple, start small, and enjoy the work.  The struggle is your hero’s journey, don’t quit when it gets hard, if anything get creative and make a it work.