Take Notes


I take notes from books, quotes, and interviews. Sometimes from what is said by a tv character.  What I have noticed is that some people live with a handful of mottos or mantras.

For instance, “God has a reason for this.” Or “No guts, no glory.” Or “Bitch better have my money.”

Then there are people who have no intentional mottos or sayings, but they have them, like “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Some people have all the luck.” or “I could never.”

I have a few of my own and a few I am trying to cultivate. Then there are the ones I want to write down and contemplate. Like in the last Post  I write them down in a little notebook I have and then go back and flip through it.  What I find is that sometimes a phrase might catch my attention enough at a moment to write down, but is not right for me at the time to contemplate. Later down the road, it has meaning or I experienced it in life and look back and think how true it was and try to learn from it.

So, my suggestion is get a notebook and collect sayings from everywhere and contemplate them. You never know you might just start writing down your own words for the world to read and those words just might be rewritten in my notebook.