Where Do You Stand?


This is one of the issues I explore from time to time, in my head and in conversation.  What issue? Politics. I think I am mostly a conservative, but then I take a few tests and they say I am a Libertarian on the left.  I don’t get it because I go through their messages, what they stand for and I kinda agree, but then I strongly disagree. For instance; I was raised with domestic violence in the home and surprise, surprise, the police were called to handle the situation. Want to know why? Because my neighbors were too chicken shit to get involved, they had to live in the same apartments with us. Guess what?  Sometimes the police have to use violence. Here is where I will never side with liberals. If you have read Revolution 2.0 then you would have a real example of what a police state looks like.  I understand that the imagination of liberals and their inflated sense of fear is beyond what the terror threat ever got in 2002, but the police are not the enemy.

Truth be told, some of them (police) like me, actually like violence.  Oh, yes, I like violence, not as much and not as brutal as when I was younger, but I still do on a primal level like it.  Instead of lying to you and saying I think it is evil I will explain.  I was always roughhousing as a kid. Me and my brothers and friends fought each other. We enjoyed it.  Since then I have met other people who also enjoy it.  Violence is a part of every culture and takes place throughout history.  It is a sport, full contact and you feel fully engaged. It is also the only way to truly stop someone who is committed to hurting others.

I do not believe violence is the only answer, but it’s a real solution to real problems.  The domestic violence I had seen growing up is the violence I am against.  Street toughs running harassing people who are enjoying their lives, I am against.  Gang-bangers who claimed a street, a color, parts of our society I am against and force others to cower not to be hurt, I am against.  Hate groups who rally to hurt others of a different; race, belief, or sexual preference, I am against. What that means is I am for the police to use force to stop these groups of people.  What that means is I believe the police can and should use force to stop and arrest people.  What that means is sometimes lethal force is necessary and the officer’s life is worth more than the criminals in the moment. What I don’t believe is that the police should be unrestrained.  I don’t think they should not be monitored or are above judgement.  I do believe that we should do more to protect their lives and those they are trying to enforce the law upon. I do believe that they are the peacekeepers who keep evil people at bay.  I stand with them like I do our military and blame our culture if they have moral failings, because we are the ones who raised them. We are the ones who told them what to value as young men and women. We taught them when to think and when to follow. Each is accountable for their own actions, but to condemn the whole because you don’t understand that criminals don’t obey laws and are raised to believe the police are the enemies, then you don’t understand that their lives are on the line every day.

What I do see is that those I would on all other issues affiliate with, have set such a tone on this issue that I could not in good conscience, side with them. I am not and will never be a pacifist, it is unnatural for me and I am okay with it. I cannot get passed their programmed bias against those who would protect them. I believe that the truth is that violence is a part of humanity and should be minimized to sports as a great outlet.

I will end on an unpopular note.  I don’t think Trump should be president any longer. He just isn’t bringing the country together and is really not trustworthy in my opinion. But  his stance on North Korea, I agree with. If we must go to war because they are shooting at us like they have been then that is what we must do.  We shouldn’t cower, or act like it’s not an option. They had been testing missiles since last year when we had a different president.  War is horrible, but letting someone threaten and shoot at your country and those who cannot defend themselves is evil. That is why I am not a pacifist, some situations require violent action.

Side note: It really frustrates me that there is not a political group that I could side with.  Not only because there is strength in numbers, but that  those numbers represent real change that could bring healing to our country.  I don’t like the required polarization that political groups must have. I would like to be a part of a group that actually has America’s best interest and those around the world. Anyway, rant over.  Sorry if this is incoherent and out of the blue.