Crazy Beats Big


When was the last time you did something crazy.  I don’t mean get in trouble with the law crazy, but something like cliff diving. Like testing your boundaries, took a road trip without being prepared, just go.  When was the last time you turned the stereo up all the way while driving? When did you do something only because it was fun?  When was the last time you were dumb? When was the last time you actually went after a goal because achieving it was an end in itself?

There is the old saying “go big or go home.” Well, there is a line we picked up from a TV show in the nineties “Crazy beats Big.” Some people set big goals, but how many set a crazy goal? One that if accomplished would change everything. I think this post is marking a change in my goal setting. I think Crazy beats Big. I am not sure what Crazy goal I could set for myself, but I have a feeling it will be freeing.