Committed to Posting Everyday

The world resides in two places, one our collective conscience, the other in the actual here and now. We write books, blogs, movies, we record the future and the past.  We record the “what if” of infinite universes. We speak about the possibilities of the future in blog posts and in magazines.  We explore the afterlife through religious writings and “other people’s near death experience”.  We talk about being separate from the universe or one with the universe. Right now you and my voice live in this universe.  My voice is in your mind and you are thinking my thoughts. We are the experience of human communication. So, all that to say there is the difference between living in the world and interacting with people and living in other or our own imagination.

So, now that I am done just free writing.  I would like to warn you that I will post every day. I will try and actually have a better plan for writing, but we will see. Until tomorrow.