An Update of Sorts

I  started yet again another website.  I get turned on and excited to start writing about things I like.  I get engaged more in life and the regular grind of a labor job doesn’t get me down.  I become more turned on and live in the future and am prepared for what is to come.  So, why don’t I write on this blog as much as I would like.  Because on some level I feel like a fraud when I do.  I have gone back and read some real great post that I had written  a year ago, two years ago, and I say to myself where is this guy in my life. I want to live the positive words that I write.  I love reading and writing inspiring things.  I believe them.  I just have a hard time putting them into practice.  I have become the consumer of good things.  It pushes back on me when I do.

Last week I was mowing my lawn listening to a book and thinking about the things that turn me on.  The way I feel when the fire is lit.  I love to engage with people individually and try to get them to dream bigger or think differently.  I love to write fiction, and like this non fiction. I have been coaching soccer for a few years and love leading a team and helping them get better.  I love reading business books and thinking about how organizations work and how much their culture and marketing matters.  I am inspired by leadership books and stories. Let’s not forget my love of cartoons, comic strips, anime, and anything art related. I tried to put these things together and look at what I could do.  I would say I am introvert but I think I am most likely just quiet, and can be outgoing when I need/want to be.  I tried to put these things together and all I could come up with is I want to be in a leadership role helping people use their skills and talents to complete a common goal.  The area I would like to work in marketing and advertising which would combine my love of business and my love for art.

So, I went about my week trying to figure out how I could get there.  How could I prove that I am at least good enough to get my foot in the door.  Then the idea popped in my head. I would just write about leadership, marketing and then market that as proof that I could reach an audience and build the online engagement that companies need to sell their products.  So, Lead Utah was born.

What does that mean for this site; my personal inspiration.  I will be writing more and adding an art gallery, I was toying around with a comic strip, but I don’t have any character that I would like to stick with over the long haul.  But I do plan on experimenting and  playing with it.  I would also like to give you an update on tracking my workout routine.  I wanted to quit yesterday.  I was at day 157 and I wanted to just throw in the towel and be done.  I wanted rest days and the kicker was I wasn’t physically tired.  I was mentally bored.  I lost sight of why I was working out.  I lost sight of my goal.  It was right before dinner and I thought “I am almost at a half year, I can’t stop now.” The power of keeping a chain going is so strong that I am going to apply it to my writing and art.  The first challenge will be to go 90 days straight.  After that I will eventually get to a point like yesterday that I have come to far not to do it.

Until next post.

Yours truly Nino