Competing With Yesterday



That day that I was going to get in shape. That day I was going to do something different.  That day I was going to start.  Yesterday.  Yesterday, was the day I was going to turn my life around.  Yesterday, I was.  Yesterday I was going to be someone else.  That is one kind of yesterday.  The other kind of yesterday we track.  Yesterday I benched 185 lbs, today I  benched 205 lbs. Yesterday I could only run to the corner of the street, before I had to walk and catch my breath, today I made it a mile.  Yesterday, I couldn’t pick up the phone and call on a job application I put in.  Today I made five sales calls before lunch. Yesterday, I lost my temper and it ruined my whole day.  Today I let the anger go and enjoyed my life.  Yesterday I was depressed and couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Today, I know that life has phases of ups and downs, and when I am down I remember that I am good enough and there will be light even though I can’t see.


There are two kinds of yesterdays. Both yesterdays require you to think and act differently today.  the first is to look in regret of the things you said you would do.  It is the wasted years of dreaming without taking action.  the second is the one that pushes you to benchmark where you have been and get better.  The second is the one I want you to focus on now.  This moment.  Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to earn more money? Do you want your life to count? Do you want to make more memories?  There is a simple solution to all of those questions.  Simple is not easy.  In fact, it could be really hard and painful.  Start, take action, and recommit to pursuing the life you want to live everyday.


Everything we do is a reflection of our highest values. For instance losing weight isn’t about weight loss.  Losing weight is about becoming the person we want to see in the mirror. Being that person gets you toward living the life of your dreams. You must value your goal to be fit over your goal to watch Netflix or get a second serving of dinner or get drunk.  I can go on with other life examples, but I want to stop at fitness.  Fitness is the easiest example that explains what I want to focus on.  When you go to the gym and lift heavy, you will feel the pain immediately after. You might not see results for six months.  You might struggle and binge eat or miss a day that becomes a week then a month, then a year. But if you keep at it you will experiment and find out what works for you.

The key to keep going. For me I realize I have to do something everyday, like workout.  Currently I am on day 149. Not everyday is impressive but every day I did something. That was the only metric that mattered to me. I have experimented with heavy weight low reps, high reps low weight.  The only thing that really mattered was that I kept doing it everyday. I started with the goal of 90 days straight and from there kept going.  Now I am working on my waistline.  I have a goal of how many inches I want to lose and by when.  What that has done is changed my intensity and with the reinforced habit of working out everyday I believe I will get where I want to go, maybe not as fast, but I know I will get there.  Everyday I will compare my effort to the day before and know that yesterday counted.

That kind of intention is what I want all areas of my life to look like. The actions you and I take today can make the difference in our future ability to do better.