Day 5: Don’t Give Up

There is a shitty truth. A truth that successful people don’t tell the whole story. The truth of their story is edited out, glossed over, condensed. It is the Wall. The Wall is skipped in novels, it’s represented in movies with 5 years later, it is the plateaus, failures, and the fucking grind of doing…More

Day 4: The World Is Out To Do You Good

The power of believing is very strong. It is the ultimate motivator. It colors your vision of the world until the lens you see out of reshapes everything. It is the reason so many people accept failure. It is the reason they give up. It is the reason they end their lives… They believe they…More

Day 3: Believe to Achieve

Since we are working on our mindset, we ought to believe something crazy. My vote is for the Law of Attraction. The simplest reason is it keeps you focused on being positive. “If I believe it, I can achieve it.” is the law of attraction in action. What it does is put the responsibility on…More