The Gospel

Good morning, let’s go.

The Gospel, the good news, what the Christian faith is built on is dying. A message of salvation based on forgiveness and mercy has been pushed down and shut up. A message of hate and intolerance has been pursued by bigots and people seeking power. They stole the Christian faith along time ago and continue to use it as a political weapon. The fangs in this latest version of the church are that of a viper.

The Gospel in a nutshell:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

Jesus being the perfect and true Son of God incarnated on earth to redeem humanity. He did this by living a perfect life and became our sacrificial lamb and dying on a cross. His death was in our place bearing the wrath of God on the cross. He rose on the third day proving he was the who he said he was. He gave his disciples a great commission, to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. To share this message, so that those who would believe will be saved.

The Church

The Church is meant to be a safe gathering of believers. It wasn’t intended to rule in this world. When people use it for politics, they cannot live in line with the full message. They become hateful, ugly, and use it to justify oppression and murder.

These “Political Christians” do not have the love of God in them or the mercy of God to share. They are the goats that will be separated from the flock. They are the unrighteousness servant who being forgiven much, refuses to forgive a little. They are the Pharisees who killed Jesus because he was costing them their political power.

They are causing people to turn from faith in Jesus. They are veiling the hope of heaven to others. They are creating laws which only bring death. They have no life in them. The law doesn’t give life, the Spirit does, they have shown to be hungry tombs wanting others to join them in their death. They do not have the love of God in them.

A New Life

You do not have to hold the Christian faith to understand that it wasn’t meant to be the law of the land. It is the guidebook for refugees whose home isn’t this world. It is for those who wish to live in community with each other and pursue peace and love and a life that reflects the forgiveness one has received. From the Gospel writings of the book of Revelations judgment of those outside of the church was and is reserved for God. Those of the faith cooperate with the laws and powers that be. The Bible doesn’t instruct believers to pursue christian nationalism, because it is an abomination and the work of the devil to keep people out of the church and form hearing the gospel. Christian nationalism is a self declared tower of Babel. It is a false church ran by false prophets. The great commission is for drawing out a new nation from every nation those who would believe. And that nation will not come to pass until the end of time.


Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.

1 John 4:20

Love pursues the best for others. It doesn’t seek to hurt. It doesn’t seek to destroy. It seeks the good and well being of others.

I am out of time.

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Note to the reader: This is not a Christian blog. This is a post on how I see the distortion of the Christian faith.

Pro Choice

Good evening, let’s jump in.

I wrote the below post for my personal Facebook page.

I believe it is important to share here.

Today we see the importance of having clear laws made by congress. Our freedom should have been made law and not pushed off to judges. Our rights shouldn’t be overturned by nine people.

We are legion and we have the rights to bodily autonomy.

We shouldn’t lose our rights to judges who are put in positions because of how they will rule on future cases. Especially if they lie under oath about this specific case, saying it’s the law of the land and then over turning it at the first chance they get.

I know for some people today is one of victory and what they believe a long standing injustice. I don’t hold those beliefs. The below is why.

The Post

Just to be clear I believe in woman’s bodily autonomy. My belief is as valid as anyone else’s. But my belief shouldn’t infringe upon another person’s.

I understand the argument from both sides. The decision shouldn’t belong to the federal government or the state but the individual. That is how personal the decision is. Forcing births by removing the choice is violation of a persons life and will.

I understand that we view the fetus as a miracle and life as precious. I believe the same about the mother that is; over the child that would be. I’m not pro abortion, I’m pro choice.

You don’t have to agree with me. But the fact is there are plenty of states now dictating to women what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

What the future holds

I don’t know what direction I will take the blog from here. For me I want to and will continue to encourage you and myself to pursue our best lives and do it in service to others. And that service is what I can lend my voice to.

Losing Isn’t The Worst Thing

Good morning, let’s go.

There are people who think being the best means you don’t lose. There are people who equate being the best with being unbeatable. There are people who don’t understand losing is a part of winning.

Life is a fast food trip away from learning you are human and vulnerable.

We are not unbeatable.

We can lose.


We can fucking learn.

Whatever doesn’t kill us, we can learn from, and that’s what makes us stronger.

Losing and not learning is a defeat physically and mentally. But you don’t have to go down like that! Figure your shit out.

You don’t have to study other people.

You need to know yourself.

Why and where you messed up.

You are not in a fucking fist fight.

You are in an uphill battle for glory.

You can take the fucking hill!

Learn from your mistakes, assumptions, and experience. Yesterday’s post was about serving others. Most people are out here fighting for themselves and they miss the fact that it isn’t enough to move their ass. But once they join a team, they get on board with a mission, they become creative and motivated. Their purpose and passions are ignited. They may lose but they eventually become unstable. There is no quit in them. Glory and honor come from serving others.

Losing isn’t the worst thing, not trying again is.

Later Gator 🐊