Set Your Own Goals

What do you do when life only gives you the same challenges it gives everyone around you?

You challenge yourself.

Our inner compulsions and desires are our calling. They are a part of us and lead us to a fuller life. [Just because it needs to be said; Only Good Desires Should Be ACTED ON! A good desire brings and gives life to you and those around you.] Life is made up of our experiences and pursuing the most life-giving ones enriches our short time here on earth.


Now, what I have been doing lately is planning out my goals. Determining what I need to do and overcome to accomplish them. I have two on-going goals that have begun at the beginning of this month and end in October.

The first is to write a book.

The second run a marathon distance.

The Grind

The plans for both are varied but doable. They require sticking to it. They require determination.  But they did require planning. For the book, I had to determine a word count and I plotted the book out. Doing that gives me a road map and a set goal each day. I look at plotting like the first draft. I gave myself three days to write it.

Working on the marathon distance, it takes a lot more planning. I have to make sure I am getting stretching (yoga) done so I don’t tighten up, I created four different workout routines to complement and push my body, and I scheduled runs and workouts for the next two months.

Not Enough

The more I plot out in my life; I realize there is more I want to do. I also see empty slots of time that could be used to work on those things. Life isn’t about being busy all the time. But it is about pursuing experiences you want to have. For most of us, we have to plan those pursuits, we have to do something to become the person who has those kinds of experiences. Life doesn’t just fall into place when we do things that are out of place for us. In other words, you cannot win the lottery if you do not buy a ticket.

Most of us are not doing enough to live the life we want to live. We are barely scratching the surface of what we are truly capable of.  Making plans based on our desires is just a start. Life will happen and challenge us as we go; when we do we are truly getting to live. Life is best when we have the beauty of adversity that makes us better for having gone through it.

I hope you have a great week coming up. But if you have a chance today and give your desire a chance to live, set a challenging goal, but one that will give you a win. After that win do it again, the more little wins add up and before you know it you will be ready for some big W’s.

No one is going to do this for you. That inner desire is the most the universe will give you, for now, the rest is up to you.

This is For The

Life is full of unexpected turns. We have losses and wins that change the course of our lives. Sometimes we learn new things that become a catalyst for new actions. Other times setbacks put us in the corner and we have to work our way out. Either way, life doesn’t passively let us sit back and watch the world spin.

So, here we are thinking about what to do next with the shambles of the year 2020. We still have four sweet months of 2020 left. Some will deal with S.A.D. others will enjoy the season change and bundling up a time to hibernate. But now is a great time to look back on your intentions for 2020. I am willing to bet shit didn’t pan out the way you would have wanted. There are two reasons for that. The first is your commitment to the intentions or goals you set. The second life had curveballs and you struck out. And if you are the rare person that all went according to plan, congratulations, but you might have set your goals too low.

Do you want to know who I write this blog for?

This blog is for the people like me. The ones who suck at keeping their shit going. The ones with some optimism and ambition but need a boost every now and then. People who might use the little insight that I have and turn it into their success strategy. There is nothing new that I write or say, my goal isn’t to be the originator of thought. I write with the intent to inspire people to be themselves, embrace adversity, and to enjoy the journey of life. For me doing this is about living out my nature. It is about doing what I am purposed for, inspiring the human spirit to live through personal growth. I write for people who want to embrace the hero’s journey of their lives.

Back to 2020 and our previous eight months of crazy and a whole lot more ahead. Here is my suggestion to you; find your tribe and build them up. I don’t mean find your followers. I mean find a group of people that you connect with. Invest in that group’s growth with your time and energy, give without trying to receive. By doing so you will get your own, “This is for the crazy ones.” campaign.

For me I like to consider my readers; arts, writers, business people, entrepreneurs, but above all that rugged optimists who enjoy growing and challenging themselves. If you fit that description or want to this blog is for you. We are the kind of people when life gets hard we grin and embrace the adventure because we know this is what life is about. Success for us is “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill because we know that every setback is a setup, and every problem is a chance to prove ourselves.  When life gets in the way of our goals it is only asking us how bad do you want it?

Fuel Your Own Fire, Looking For Work That Gets You Going

We make decisions based on our priorities and what we know.

What stops most people from pursuing their innate desires and flourishing in life is they don’t know what is available for them to do. Most people are limited in their thinking and experience and do not know about millions of jobs that exist that would make them come alive. They simply show up to work and grind with no end in sight. They say they are stuck in a dead-end job and if you ask them what they would like to do, most do not know.

Most people start work looking at it like it is the end of the adventure. They struggled to get work, they interviewed, and they finally got in, yay. They don’t realize they are moving into a new adventure. They don’t consider this a time to grow and see opportunity.  Like I said it became the end of their adventure.

Let’s not do that.

I am no different except, that I chose my working career to be second to my family. For that, I am rewarded with a beautiful family that loves each other and I have had the privilege of raising my kids. My work life has been full of ups and downs. I have had those moments of despair and regrets. I have made friendships and had conversations that I wouldn’t have gotten to have otherwise. I have had the opportunity to listen to thousands of sermons, a couple of hundred books, and a bunch of podcasts. I have pursued my intellectual interests and learned one thing; I want to help people win.

You see I have an ingrained desire to be the coach, the guy who comes along and lets you know that life is worth it, and if you grow it will get better.

So, I am going to do what I do.

Finding a job that fuels your fire requires three things. The first is the courage to explore. The second thing is it requires a mindset that this is only the beginning. Finally, it requires a willingness to fail.

Exploration means you have to do two things. look through jobs posted that make you excited you actually putting in for them. Make a list of what excites you about the job. Collect as much information about the work and growth curve of the job as possible. After applying to different jobs start to build a skills checklist that you will need to not only get the job you want but to kill it when you start.

Your mindset when you do get one of these jobs isn’t like okay here I am, let’s grind. No, it has to be here I am how can I serve you and how can I do more. The thing about being at the bottom is you only have one view. When you move up, when you grow, when you climb, you get a better view. Having a better view gives you a perspective you didn’t have before and might create new options for you to do something else. That something else might be the door to doing more work you love. It might be having the ability to mentor others and get the joy of watching them grow. It might be to lead new initiatives that excite and challenge you.

Finally, failing forward. Putting in for jobs also leaves us open to rejection. It leaves us hurt and with a feeling of being unwanted or not good enough. We need to flip that, when we don’t get what we want we need to take it as a sign from the Almighty asking “How bad do you want it?” The question is do you want this bad enough to try again? Do you want this bad enough to get better? Do you want this bad enough to grow into the position? We don’t know the reasons we don’t get a job. All we know is we didn’t get it. We are responsible to do the hard work and analyze why. After that, it is our time to grow, get better, so we can try our hand at work we might love. When we get it we have to keep failing. We have to try and do things in this position that will make us better, which will make the team better, which will add value.

It is easy to show up to work and act like they are responsible for your success. But the truth is you can show up to work and just be a good employee and miserable and nobody will care as long as you get the work done. Your success at finding work you enjoy is on you. People will tell you if you don’t like it you could find another job. They won’t ask what turns you on? How do you need to grow into the kind of person who does the work you would like to do? Have you spent time looking for jobs, not thinking about the money? What is 40hrs a week of passion worth to you? Do you feel like you have a life’s purpose?

Alright, I gotta go to work. 😉