Who You Are And Getting Sh*t Done

Good morning, let do this thing.

What matters is getting shit done. Deep down, we all generally feel better when we get shit done. Some people can deep dive and get one thing done. Then there are people like me who look like a fucking toddler playing with all the toys. My focus shifts fast and it helps me get a lot of things I want to do done. I just look like the Tasmanian Devil doing it.

Goals are an outward pouring of who you are. Which means getting shit done is subjective to who you are and what you want. If you are not getting the results you want in life, check yourself. Take time to think about who you are and what you want to do in life. Not have, not be, what you want to do. Are the things you want to do compatible with the person you are, or do you need to strive to be the kind of person who does the things you want to do? I know long sentence. If you do something long enough, you will become the kind of person who does that thing. For example running. Seven years ago I hated running, but I wanted to be the kind of person who loved it. I wanted to be the guy who could run for miles. At the time, one mile would kill me. Now I am the kind of guy who can run/jog five miles whenever. I am known as a runner. That only happened because I pushed myself to do it. I pushed myself to be miserably out there. I did it until I didn’t hate it anymore. Now I crave a good long jog. I am more of a jogger. The doing creates in us a being.

Okay, gotta wrap it up. Getting shit done is the outflow of who you are, if you want be different, action precedes it in general. For most of us, what we need is an attitude change. Having an attitude of I get shit done, I am a badass, is all it take to change our entire day. For some people it would change their entire life for the better.

Alright I’m out.

Later Gator 🐊

Resumes, Obituaries, and Purpose. F’n Life Bro.

Good morning, let’s get it.

I hate making a resume. I never know what they really want to know. Is it the mechanical keywords they want, or is it your story. I really can’t help but fuck around when I do them and put in a little joke or a funny remark. To me if they are too serious do I even want to work there. That is just a personal feeling.

After making mine yesterday, it has been a long time. What I think is missing is the adventure. But that is what happens though when you put family over work and work for stability. I didn’t go to work to build a career, to climb a ladder, or kiss anyone’s ass. I went to work to provide for my family- not glamorous. I spent many years unfulfilled, miserable, and still optimistic. I knew it was my responsibility to either change my situation or live in it. But resume doesn’t reflect any of that. It doesn’t explain why I worked the weekends to make sure my kids didn’t need child care and that was more important to me than money or position. It doesn’t speak to the personal and spiritual growth I had to undertake being stuck. A resume isn’t your life’s story. It is a brief work history.

Most people’s obituaries are boring. They gloss over a person’s life. They take the most surface things about a person and share it. It is worse than a resume. It is someone else trying to retail your life in as brief a time possible.

What we miss, with resumes, CVs, or obituaries is our life. We miss the people who we engaged. We miss the lives we touched and that touched us. We miss the personal development. We miss the valleys that the mountain top moments over look. We miss the journey. We reflect on the past in a way that doesn’t tell our story. Personally, I care more about the future than the past. I understand its importance, without reflecting on it, we can get stuck reliving it. Many people don’t recognize and try to change bad habits. What is missing, is the future. Our vision of where we want to go. Shit, even if it is heaven, creating a compelling future for ourselves, will make our lives richer. To have a dream or join a dream that makes the world a better place for generations is one way to do it. Settling for just getting rich, buying fancy stuff, makes your life meaningless, to fully develop we must see ourselves as servants to each other. Meaning and purpose exist outside of any economic structure we develop. Being a Mother is a richer life, than being the boss. Real human connections matter, they give us purpose. Most of us find our purpose in serving others. Even in the arts. Shared expression, insight, and connection, serve the patrons.

But it’s way past time for me to wrap this up. Have a kick ass weekend.

Later Gator 🐊

P.S. Adventure in the work place, requires risks, challenges, and self-driven-purpose. It is like going to the gym, you have to push yourself. Only you know how much you really tried.

The Rules Used To Determine How You Will Live

Good morning, let’s do it.

What we do by nature is a big part of who we are.

What we do by choice defines who we are.

What we do out of necessity defines the limits of our bravery and imagination.

We need reasons. We need reasons to explain life, so then we can function in it. Humans need reasons. We need to know not only why others do what they do, but why we do what we do. The more we understand, the easier life is to navigate.

We live in a world where people believe the craziest shit. From conspiracy theories to out of touch religious or spiritual beliefs- they rely on someone dictating to them what to think in order to function. They live in the dogmas, catechisms, and stereotypes. They don’t see themselves in others. They don’t truly see themselves. They use a thought filter that distorts how they see things. Which is sad. But the reason they do it is out of fear. If you have to think for yourself it is scary. If you have to determine your own future and try to make it come into fruition it is paralyzing. If you actually have to get to know someone else, there is risk involved. But enough about them.

The people who need rules to follow are not crazy, they are normal. We all need rules to follow. It helps us function. It helps us to get along with others. Simple manners help us to get along with others. Business practices help us to get shit done. A healthy diet is a rule book for food. And so on and so forth.

By nature some of us are people people. By choice some of us are leaders. Out of fear some of us are trapped in a dead end job. Through imagination, some of us create new worlds. The rules we choose to live by will dictate how we apply our natural abilities, the choices we make, and what is within the realm of our imagination. Self-reflection is the biggest difference maker in how you chose to live. If you decide to let dogmas, or any outside belief system (personality types) dictates who you are or what you are capable of you will miss out on your own insights.

That’s all I got this morning. Oh, and yesterday I slowly got better throughout the day, took it easy and then got my workout in. For those wondering.

Later Gator 🐊