Getting Older

There is that new app that everyone is using to age themselves with. I am no different. It is fun and I look like a prune, Popeye, and the crypt keeper. I don't age well on this app (Faceapp is the name of the app.) There were two reasons I downloaded it the first is … Continue reading Getting Older

Planning Creativity

There is nothing urgent I have to write about. There is no urgency in my activities today. But things are going to get done, and unfortunately some things won't get done. Urgency is a beautiful mix between time and priorities. Now I have a few books that talk about setting goals, or time management, and … Continue reading Planning Creativity

Only Believe

There is nothing like falling in love. You let go of the false face, the shield, the sword, you stop using a potential partner and start serving a living treasure. Falling in love is being open to be destroyed. It is letting someone in on the conversations you only have with yourself. Most people don't … Continue reading Only Believe